Lemurian Revival and Golden Temple Island Healing in Kauai, Hawaii

Boots on the Ground Mission 2024

    1. Unveiling Lemuria: Tracing the Forgotten Epochs of Humanity. Global Cataclysm, Trigger Events, and Betrayal Timelines Explored through the Dynamic Lens of Feminine & Masculine Gender Global Misery Enslavement. Unlocking Humanity

    2. Unlocking the Mysteries of the Yanas: Harnessing Inner Earth Energies, Dimensions, Realms, and Gate Systems! Empowering Gridwork Technology for Access and Activation.

    3. Radiant Awakening: Igniting Your Light Body for Groundbreaking Gridwork! Embrace the Spiritual Pillars of Transformation in our Purity Workshop

    4. Embracing the Shadows: A Journey of Self-Discovery in our Shadow Awareness Workshop. Navigating Triggers and Sensitivities, Cultivating Vulnerability and Thriving in Group Dynamics for Success in Shared Spiritual Spaces

    5. Remote Group Ceremonial Clearing on the Ascending Shores of Kauai Hawaiian Island. Awakening the Inner Potential: Preparing DNA Codes for Transformational Experiences. The Garden Island Chakra Clearing Journey

    6. Important Trip Details!

    1. Boots on the Ground, “Location Gridwork Begins” Welcome to our Meet & Greet in Kauai, Hawaii!

    2. Gridwork Mission Day 1: Embark on an Adventure to the Ancient Heart of Kauai, the Oldest Hawaiian Island! Lemurian Time Portal Activation! Inner Earth Gate Restoration!

    3. Gridwork Mission Day 2: Come with us on a life-changing journey to Waimea Canyon, known as 'The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,' nestled on Kauaʻi's West Side.

    4. Gridwork Mission Day 3 “Final Mission Work & Ceremony” Miracle of Manna Spirit/Ocean Gridwork Group Ceremonial Blessing

    1. Guardian Gridwork Mission Follow-Up Time: Join us for a Sacred Celebratory Sharing Circle as we come together to reflect on our recent Guardian Gridwork Mission.

About this Event

  • $1,444.00
  • Multiple Island Vortex/Global Chakra Locations will be accessed to correct the inner Earth's spiritual body and extract planetary weaponry. This massive and extraordinary gridwork event will take our gridwork to the height of its potential within planetary healing.
  • 12th-Dimensional Diamond Inner Earth Stargate Activation/Global Clearing Site
  • Dates: Must inquire for total dates included in package! For dates and reservations contact [email protected] Price: $2,222.00 Includes Event+Stay (1 Time Payment or 3 Month Payment Plan, $1444.00 Event Only (1 Time Payment or 3 Month Payment Plan

Step into the extraordinary realm of new age spiritual evolutionary technology, on location advanced gridwork, avatar land shamanism, and collective earth guardianship at the Global Island Healing Boots on the Ground Gridworker Event in the heart of Kauai, Hawaii. Join us in September 2024, as we embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery, rehabilitation, and restoration. Dive deep into the forgotten epochs of humanity, unraveling Lemurian Ancient Ancestral Spiritual mysteries and unlocking the full 12th Dimensional potential of the human spirit. Through immersive workshops, sacred ceremonies, and profound gridwork missions, you'll traverse the inner and outer landscapes of earth's consciousness, igniting the divine light within and contributing to the rebirth of our planet. From Lemurian time portal activations to oceanic blessings, each moment promises to be a profound exploration of inner wisdom and cosmic connection. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a global movement dedicated to healing, unity, and the evolution of humanity. Join us and become a beacon of light in the unfolding story of planetary transformation. This is a Guardian Gridwork Mission...if you're in, you'll KNOW!!

Join Us in Kauai, Hawaii!!!